FREE "6 P's of Success For Actors" eCourse (Reg. $47)

Learn the 6 proven marketing principles that actors must understand in order to increase their earnings as an artist in show business.

This $47 FREE training program will help you:

  • Realize who YOU REALLY are as an artist & what is TRULY important to you
  • Learn 5 areas of your career (aside from talent) you can improve to earn a living as an artist
  • Define your career goals as an artist & assess your plan to achieve them in 2016
  • Understand the "6 P's of Success For Actors" & apply them to your career TODAY
  • Complete 4 easy-to-follow action steps that will bring your career clarity, focus & control

YOUR $47 FREE "6 P's of Success For Actors" Course includes:

  • Our 8 Video Introductory Training Series
  • The Actor Advantage Program's Introductory Module
  • Values Assessment Questionnaire
  • Career Success/Goals Questionnaire
  • Your Personal 6 P's Career Assessment Worksheet

Remember, it's called Show Business, not Show Art for a reason.

To be a successful artist in Show Business, you MUST understand how to apply these proven business & marketing principles to your career.

Register today for this $47 FREE training & take the next step in learning how to start, sustain or salvage your career as an artist in Show Business.

Together, we will render the expression "Starving Artist" obsolete.

-Randy Thomas


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